Look at what people are saying about Grammy nominated singer Bettye Lavette

"Some singers sing... Then there is Bettye. She doesn’t just sing the

song, she lives in each of them. I’ve heard it. I’ve stood close enough

to see it in her eyes."
- Jon Bon Jovi

“We showed up for rehearsal, and one of the performers was rehearsing

the song for the Who segment. It was a woman named Bettye LaVette… She

is gonna steal the show. She was so phenomenal, this performance of The

Who song that she did. It will bring you to tears. The room was pin-drop

silent when she did this song, and it was just unbelievable”
- Dave Grohl

"Bettye is one of the most incredible R&B singers singing today.

Ache has never sounded so funky. Weary, wise, defiant and vulnerable,

Bettye's a force of nature."

- Bonnie Raitt